How To Use The Set Book Help Blog

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How to use the blog.

1. Click

All literary analysis posts will appear at a click; in a simple, clear and professional layout for easy navigation. The short stories The War of the ears, Twillight Trek are also available. Articles will be posted at the rate of 1 or 2 per week, to facilitate maximum intake of content and sufficient engagement of the parties on a case subject. The articles will be structured in a ‘do it yourself’ manner, which furnishes the student with just enough content to invite them to the centrality of the critical thinking process.

2. Forum.

A click on Forum will lead to the board room, which is a virtual interaction platform, much like any social network site akin to Facebook. In the initial visit, one will be asked to register a profile, with the basic details of name, profile photo and a brief description of themselves. After registration, one will only be asked to input their login details. YOUR PASSWORD IS PRIVATE AND ONLY AVAILABLE TO YOU, AND SHOULD REMAIN SO. Once registered, anyone can interact with others in the discussions that are periodically posted, and even post discussion questions themselves. A virtual class can also be conducted at the Forum, with the facilitator engaging a ‘group’ of students, writers, teachers, etc.

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