About Set Book Help

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Set Book Help is an innovative platform that seeks to provide practical solutions that will revolutionise the perception and consumption of literature, and contribute to the birth of a generation that embraces healthy reading as a lifestyle.

Through being in constant synchronisation with the spirit and accord of the new 2-6-3-3 system of education, Set Book Help will focus on the set books at secondary school level, a decision informed by the considered belief that influence from this stage is one of the principals that shape one’s worldview of their youthful years. Youth is herein a keyword.

The program aims to tax itself to bring on board literary essentials that have been hitherto in absence, as suggested by research and demanded by objective.

Among other things, as mentioned beforehand, Set Book Help will major on providing clarity of context to the issues addressed in the narratives – religion, immigration, identity, racism, sexuality and the LGBTQ phenomenon, human rights, politics of language, tribe and culture, etc , by offering diverse and in-depth perspective from across various shades of time, historical horizons and physical geographies; to establish an intimate connection to the artistic by walking hand in hand with the subject, herein the student, into exploring and interpreting private symbols and character portrayal, linguistic constructions and language use, and other forms of perceived complexities; and as an immediate necessity, to establish the connection between literature in word form and stage acting of the set books – how the latter can effectively and exploitatively be used to help one better appreciate the former.



Set Book’s help intended way of operation is one that takes place in an environment that allows ready interaction with experts in various related fields, stimulates individual thought, encourages cross-exchange of perspective, and provides ground for the acquisition of knowledge; with the wholesale output being that of effective growth in the required areas, namely: increased cultural awareness, language and linguistic understanding development, and an improved version on how one engages with literary texts.

To attain and maintain a continuum of triumph in achieving the seemingly lofty heights, Set Book Help and The Writers Guild – Kenya acknowledge the need for partnerships with relevant individuals and organisations, and strong commitment from all stakeholders – both lengthwise of the latitude and top to bottom of the longitude. The program, therefore, in addition to leveraging on the knowledge and expertise of its architects, will employ contribution from writers, both budding and established, playwrights, thespians, teachers, etc.

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